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Discourse(s) on Docker

One of the things Tim built a while ago is a server running multiple instances of the forum software Discourse using Docker. He did this because we’re getting more and more interest at Reclaim Hosting for this forum software. As usual, Tim … Continue reading

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Two Years of Reclaim Hosting

Is it a coincidence @ReclaimHosting‘s birthday coincides with #SysAdminDay? #ithinknot We love @timmmmyboy!!! — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) July 31, 2015 Two years ago my partner Tim Owens and I rushed down to the Fredericksburg county clerk and gave birth to the two-headed monstrosity … Continue reading

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XML-RPC Blocking using htaccess

Blog posts about WordPress on the bava in conversation with the great D’Arcy Norman? Party like it’s 2008! @jimgroom I’d love to see how you fixed the xmlrpc thing. blog post on htaccess etc…? — D’Arcy Norman (@dlnorman) July 30, … Continue reading

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Abstractions: Running WordPress Multi-Site using AWS, Docker, and BTSync

Heads up: this is not a technical run through, but more of a conceptual overview. Apologies if you came here looking for a how-to. Hopefully we will have just that in the next few months. But enough about the past, … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the bava

Been away, but now I’m back. I’m finally starting to feel the transition away from UMW to Reclaim take hold. I’ve been traveling pretty non-stop since the beginning of June, and the last week back in Fredericksburg has been equal … Continue reading

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The Reclaim Code

As Bud (the great Harry Dean Stanton) notes after snorting a long line of speed in Repo Man (1984), “Not many people have a code to live by anymore.”  I couldn’t agree with him more, and this seems particularly true in edtech … Continue reading

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Slacking off at Reclaim

One of the many great perks of going full time at Reclaim Hosting is that I can work from anywhere. This is something my family and I will be capitalizing on, which means Tim and I need to get into … Continue reading

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It’s official, I have resigned my position at University of Mary Washington, and will be going full-time at Reclaim Hosting. It’s almost surreal, and I follow in the footsteps of the great Tim Owens—-whose hard work these last six months … Continue reading

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Password Management Ground Zero for Digital Literacy

During the open infrastructure panel at the OpenVA conference in Virginia Beach this past Fall, Martha Burtis had a great little tear about how we should focus less on centrally integrated IT systems that hide complexity, and push towards loosely … Continue reading

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The Next Evolution of Reclaim

Yesterday Tim Owens announced that he’ll be going full time with Reclaim Hosting in the new year, and that is pretty awesome. His post delineates all the amazing work he’s accomplished at UMW over the past three years—it’s a truly impressive … Continue reading

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