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Licensed to Read

One of the coolest things about being in Italy has been watching the kids acculturate, and that’s been nowhere more apparent than in the language. Of the three, Tommaso may have had the most Italian name, but he was certainly … Continue reading

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Sunday in the Mountains

I’ve been in Italy with my family for almost 5 months now. The time has flown by, probably because we’ve been having a blast. I’m really starting to get settled into my life here. In fact, pretty soon it might … Continue reading

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Scenes from Trento

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday, and Carvnival is a thing here in Italy. Just this weekend we went to the small mountain town of Villaggio in a nearby valley. The folks who dress-up spent the entire day going from town to … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Work-Life Balance

View post on imgur.com I love this GIF. It’s taken from this video by my friend Giorgio, which is reminiscent of a sped-up scene from The Benny Hill Show my dad used to watch on TV in the early 80s. I … Continue reading

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The Devil in My Pocket

I’ve been on what seems like a two month vacation, and it isn’t getting old one bit. I’ve been taking advantage of my new found freedom from more traditional ideas of work, and spending a lot more time hanging out with … Continue reading

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Fun(ivia) In Trento

This week we’ve been hosting our first guest to casa bava in Italy: Shannon Hauser.  She delivered our wayward cat Clyde to us in one piece, so we’re once again a whole family. “No cat left behind!” is the Groom/Dalla Torre … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Europe

Image credit: Don McCullough‘s “Barcelona” I’m sitting in the Toronto Airport right now waiting for a plane to Barcelona, Spain for the European and Distance E-Learning Network (EDEN) conference this week. This will be my first time presenting in Europe, and … Continue reading

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