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An Electronic Leash: Working in the 21st Century

If you aren’t watching HBO’s Enlightenment, I highly recommend it. Anto started watching it a few months back, and I have been slowly sucked into it over the first 7 episodes, but episode 8 has made me a full blown … Continue reading

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Crises of Capital Animated

This is a remarkable talk, and once again David Harvey nails it. What’s more, the RSA animation crew make the talk that much more powerful and entertaining—there’s really a there there with this kind of visualization. Hat tip to both … Continue reading

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Web 2.0, Imperialism, and Nation Building

I couldn’t help but pause over a recent headline I came across in my RSS reader, and while I can’t find the original post I scanned yesterday, a quick search brought this one up first from startuparabia, “Google, AT&T, Automattic … Continue reading

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