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An Internet Timeline

We’re just starting week 3 of the 5 week summer iteration of the Internet Course. It’s been intense (a Repo Man’s life is always intense), but also awesome! Last week we collaboratively built the first of four projects this course … Continue reading

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Internet History: Watch the Movie

One of the things I am excited about this go around with the Internet Course are all the resources I’m finding thanks to awesome folks like Alan Levine and Micahel Berman. In the comments of my last post, Alan linked me … Continue reading

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Brief History of the Future

John Naughton’s 1999 history of the internet, A Brief History of the Future: From Radio days to Internet Years in a Lifetime, arrived at my house this afternoon. I plan on reading it during my imminent travel to Dallas, but I … Continue reading

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Three Visions of ARPANET

I’ve recently written about Larry Lewin’s 2001 guide Using the Internet to Strengthen Curriculum in regards to it’s argument that educators need to be “taming the web” for their students. Offering an approach to making research on the web palatable by trying … Continue reading

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Archie, Veronica, and Other Old Gold Technologies

I’ve been having a lot of fun recently exploring old school technologies as part of The Internet Course I’m teaching alongside Paul Bond. Paul wrote an awesome post a couple of days ago investigating the file-sharing protocol Gopher. I’ve been doing … Continue reading

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TIC104: Learning from Internet History

This week in The Internet Course we started discussing the topics the class has been researching, summarizing, and conceptualizing for the first three weeks. Five students made up a panel that talked about the History of the Internet from J.C.R. … Continue reading

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A Google Wave to the LMS Haters

I steered clear of the Google Wave hype until David Wiley posted a short, resounding “things with the potential to completely transform the way we teach and learn come along so rarely I had to share.” I joked at CUNY … Continue reading

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Web 2.0, Imperialism, and Nation Building

I couldn’t help but pause over a recent headline I came across in my RSS reader, and while I can’t find the original post I scanned yesterday, a quick search brought this one up first from startuparabia, “Google, AT&T, Automattic … Continue reading

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Spider-man on the end of the web

I’m truly enjoying the 1967 Spider-man series, and it struck me this evening that no other superhero is a better metaphor for the internet than Spider-man given his dependence on the web for power—although one could make a compelling case … Continue reading

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The Technologies of Cruelty

The following passage from Chapter III of The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano has stuck with me for well over a decade since I first read this work. And while the veracity of the first three chapters … Continue reading

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