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Where’s all the Dominant Narratives at?

The MOOC Research conference has resulted in some really interesting discussions that are playing out right now, and I want to take a moment to try and capture a few of them. I’ll start with Michael Feldstein’s thoughtful post “Changing the … Continue reading

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De-Icing the MOOC Research Conference

I am currently sitting in Dallas Fort Worth airport hoping to escape the ice storm that hit Dallas during the MOOC Research conference. Despite the atypical elements, this is one of the best conferneces I’ve been to in a while, … Continue reading

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Data is the New Flesh, Long Live Dr Oblivion

There’s a lot to report out about this year’s Open Education Conference (#opened13), George Siemens already blogged about David Kernohan’s remarkable documentary keynote which I was lucky enough to catch. I was sorry to miss Siemen’s keynote, and almost equally sorry … Continue reading

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Open as a Power Relation

I’ve been co-teaching a True Crime course here at UMW (which is a blast), and last night we discussed Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish. If any of you out there were in grad school during the 1990s or early ’00s … Continue reading

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WVU’s Super Wi-Fi and the Wireless Future Project

Sara Grossman’s article about super wi-fi at West Virginia University is one of the more hopeful things I’ve read online in a while. The idea of WVU and the Wireless Future Project  (led by Michael Calabrese) teaming up to provide free … Continue reading

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From Punk to Policy

For over a year now I’ve been part of the Digital Learning Resource working group (along with 15 other representatives from a range of public colleges and universities) run by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. I’ve already written … Continue reading

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500 Open Courses on UMW Blogs

At the beginning of every semester I get a hankering to post something about UMW Blogs. I don’t know why, it has arrived to the point that it’s more like air than technology around campus at this point. We regularly … Continue reading

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Opened12: The Open Boat

I wasn’t in Vancouver last week for Open Education 2012, but I was following the hashtag on Twitter pretty intently. It’s an amazing conference for a lot of reasons, but the following two videos shot by Novak Rogic on a boat … Continue reading

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Eduglu Revisited: The Syndication Bus 2012

It’s been more than a year since I’ve really thought, no less written about, the syndication bus as it relates to ds106. For any of you who might be new to the idea of the syndication bus, it’s an approach … Continue reading

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Who’s afraid of the big bad #sopa?

…I am! And in the latest episode of DTLT Today Boone and Wally Gorges lay out a pretty compelling case why anyone doing anything related to open education online in higher education should be too. Boone and Wally brilliantly talked … Continue reading

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