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1983 Allen Losi Deck

My first skatedboard was the 1983 Variflex Allen Losi deck, featured above alongside Lance Mountain’s and John Lucero’s decks.  I was a huge fan of Losi (I was also a fan of Mountain, but who wasn’t a fan of Lance … Continue reading

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An Impressionistic History of Skateboarding, Part 1

As the nostalgia kicks in full force, I am transported back to Long Island during the 80s. My brother and I (16 and 13 respectively) built a half-pipe in our backyard while my Mom was enduring an extended stay in … Continue reading

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Urban Youth in Flight

My nephew Dillan defying all reason at the Baldwin Train tracks on Strong Island. In another life time I might have been so brave and fearless. What a beautiful way to connect with the streets of New York!

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