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Mall City and PeerTube’s Lessons for Resisting the Mallification of the Video Web

Following-up on my previous post about PeerTube as a video archiver, I just remembered that I hadn’t grabbed a copy of the early 1980s documentary Mall City currently making the rounds. It’s the product of a NYU student film crew … Continue reading

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Rosie the Riveter dot umw dot edu

So, it’s been over a year since UMW has had it’s main .edu website running on WordPress. DTLT has been experimenting with the possibilities of aggregating posts from UMW Blogs into umw.edu (in fact, this post will aggregate into DTLT’s … Continue reading

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ds106: Stories In Our Digital Age

Three students in Jeff McClurken’s #infoage course, Ashley Lightburn, Joe Calpin, and Caitlyn Murphy, put together a ten minute documentary about ds106. I am obviously excited by the idea that students think this course is interesting enough to make a … Continue reading

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“It was pure in my heart”

This post celebrating Jack Kerouac’s hotness on UMW Blogs thrust me into a rabbit hole that it has taken me several hours to crawl out from. Back when I was an undergraduate at UCLA and worked at the great Audio … Continue reading

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High School (1968)

Frederick Wiseman’s fly-on-the-wall documentary style is, at its best, some of the most powerful documentary filmmaking of the last fifty years. Titicut Follies (1967) is a masterpiece, and few films so efficiently capture the absurdity of reality so thoroughly in … Continue reading

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Zombies and Pirates: Let’s begin

Gratuitous audio: Download Sell My Soul When I started talking about the Zombies and Pirates course I was thinking along the lines of a syllabus, a series of texts, a schedule, and a unifying theme. In some ways a traditional … Continue reading

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“Jimi’s gonna take ’em higher than that!”

After watching this clip from the 1973 documentary about Jimi Hendrix (appropriately titled Jimi Hendrix), I simply have to say that Little Richard may very well be the single greatest individual ever. Don’t believe me? Well, then watch the above … Continue reading

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Another State of Mind

Another State of Mind, part 6 Note: the sound on the video is out of sync, which is annoying, so all the more reason to get the whole thing and just watch it. As a follow-up to the Heavy Metal … Continue reading

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Mario Bava’s “Danger: Diabolik”

After an unbounded discussion with Bryan Alexander a week ago over dinner in Washington DC, I was reminded of one of Mario Bava’s most acclaimed movies I had yet to see: Danger: Diabolik. And after finally watching it last night, … Continue reading

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Formative 10: Clash of the Titans & the Cinema of Attractions

When talking about films I saw as a pre-pubescent adolescent, I think one of the most important would have to be Ray Harryhausen’s Clash of the Titans (1981). Now technically, keeping inline with the logic of discussing film, I should … Continue reading

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