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Pledge Against Surveillance

Don’t worry if you missed today’s Reclaim Open session featuring Ian Linkletter speaking out against surveillance in education technology because we have all 24 minutes of this call to action recorded so you can share it far and wide: As … Continue reading

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The Art of Surveillance

Just met with @savasavasava & @hypervisible with @jimgroom about their upcoming #Domains19 Keynote, 'Back to the Future: The Mothership or The DeLorean?'. To say I'm pumped for @DomainsConf is an understatement! https://t.co/qjO4ChIuQc — Lauren Brumfield (@brumface) May 1, 2019 Yesterday … Continue reading

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Domains19: Martin Hawksey’s Minority Report

And the hits for Domains19 just keep on coming….and this one comes all the way from Scotland with none other than Martin Hawksey, who is both creating a surveillance installation for the conference as well as speaking to how he … Continue reading

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Ordering a Pizza in 2015

In 2004 the ACLU framed a biting critique of the uncontrolled collection of personal data on the web by imagining what ordering a pizza in 2015 might look like. It had a bit of a revival last year, and it … Continue reading

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Surveillance Society

Images of surveillance from the first episode of season 1 of The Wire, “The Target.” I mentioned the prevalence of surveillance camera shots  in the first episode of The Wire in my previous post. Above are six GIFs capturing what I believe is every surveillance … Continue reading

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Technologies of control

photo credit: fatbwoy Lest we forget technology is as much about control as it is innovation, check out this article on TorrentFreak about the state sponsored trojans used to tap Skype calls. The other side of the Gothic and horrific … Continue reading

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What are you looking at?

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