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Behind Every Retro Arcade is a Preservation Community

I know I told Tim I’m done buying games for Reclaim Arcade after securing Zaxxon yesterday, but I don’t want to jinx myself given I just saw a mint Gorf machine up in Pennsylvania on the KLOV forums for $900. … Continue reading

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An Italian Xtro

I saw Xtro in the theaters at the ripe age of 12, and it scarred me. It has  arguably one of the more disturbing horror scenes of that era and I recall it all too well. It was a strange … Continue reading

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My Media Consumption Problem (Part 1)

Since Zach Whalen and I started talking about UMW’s Console Living Room back in late January, I have quickly become consumed with consuming 1980s technology. Ebay has become one of the major outlets for my anachronistic impulses. Probably the best way … Continue reading

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