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Behind Every Retro Arcade is a Preservation Community

I know I told Tim I’m done buying games for Reclaim Arcade after securing Zaxxon yesterday, but I don’t want to jinx myself given I just saw a mint Gorf machine up in Pennsylvania on the KLOV forums for $900. … Continue reading

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Remembering OpenID

I am hearing a lot from @avsa that sounds identical to OpenID. I think we need to learn from previous web2 attempts & evolve / change things. This Wired article has some OpenID failure background https://t.co/WHXyrbYeqM #walletconf — Boris Mann … Continue reading

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Alejandro Piscitelli – The Facebook Project

I really dig Alejandro Piscitelli. And his project with Facebook, and the passion in which he frames the experiment makes it clear that popular learning can happen within the strangest places, and the very idea of students learning from and … Continue reading

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New South Blogs

I just got a trackback from New South Blogs which is burgeoning publishing platform for the University of New South Wales, and it’s pretty cool to see the work many of us are doing in this regard impact and inspire … Continue reading

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Playing with BuddyPress

For the last 12 hours or so I have been playing pretty heavily with BuddyPress, which is basically a series of powerful plugins developed by Andy Peatling that creates a social networking layer for WordPress Multi-User. I had played with … Continue reading

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Facebook Hazing

I was talking with a faculty member about social networking Tuesday, and while she was giving me some tips on my Facebook profile I switched my relationship status from single to married, something I didn’t think twice about at the … Continue reading

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A childhood without proof

I’m the sixth kid of a family of seven. So, by the time I came along the idea of some kind of a photo archive for me was pretty much out the window. When I turned either eleven or twelve … Continue reading

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Enough with Facebook already

I had a few “moments” with Facebook over the past couple of months. I was digging all the new tools they were brining in with the open API, they even created one for WordPress.com posts. But when folks start to … Continue reading

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So if you have a WordPress.com blog, you can do some of your blogging from within Facebook with the new WordPress.com Facebook App designed by Joseph Scott. In this app you’ll find the core blog features you’d expect: publishing posts, … Continue reading

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