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Joining the 600K Club on Gyruss

After Pac-man, Gyruss might be my favorite golden age arcade game. I picked one up last Summer for the bavacade, and I have not looked back. I recorded a couple of high scores wherein I finally broke 400K last August, … Continue reading

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Gyruss Multigame Mod-Kit with Time Pilot and Pooyan

Trying to play a bit of catch-up on my bavacade given I have made some significant strides towards getting fully operational. One of the recent highlights was finally getting the Gyruss multigame mod-kit installed so that it can also allow … Continue reading

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Multipede: 4-in-1 Cabinet fun!

A “cosa speciale” arrived today for the bavacade pic.twitter.com/zbGCdG0BPG — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) October 15, 2021 I’m not sure I wrote about it here yet, but back in October I picked up another arcade cabinet here in Italy, namely Millipede … Continue reading

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A Couple of High Scores for Gyruss and Phoenix

I’ve been trying to deal with ongoing separation anxiety from the magic that is Reclaim Arcade by building a mini-replica here in my basement in Trento. I currently have 10 machines, and hopefully by late Fall it will be twice … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade Repair Log: Mortal Kombat, Gauntlet, Make Trax, Karate Champ, and Gyruss Cocktail

On Wednesday of this week Tim and I caught up on some arcade repairs. Coming into Reclaim Arcade via robot I’m more a cheerleader/annoyance than help, but I learn a ton so at least one of us gets something out of … Continue reading

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