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Invasion of the Zombies

This was intended to be a comment on Bryan Alexander’s awesome post yesterday “Zombies Invade the Mainstream, Please Remain Calm.” Reading Bryan as he works through the cultural meanings of the undead is something I have been doing for years, … Continue reading

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Reading Capital, Part 1

The D.I.Y. Lego Karl Marx (Image courtesy of Dunechaser) So while I am waiting for my very own copy of Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume 1 to arrive in the mail, I figured I ‘d get to work (in the spirit … Continue reading

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Web Spaces of Hope: David Harvey shares his Capital

If you follow this blog with any regularity then a) you’re a masochist and b) you know every so often I start talking about the City University of New York. I can’t help it, I was a wayward English Ph.D. … Continue reading

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