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Fixing the bava dryer

I have a 1983 Whirlpool dryer (the LE5790XM model to be precise) that came with my new house. I’m partial to anything that came of age in the 80s given that’s when I came of age, so when it broke … Continue reading

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Out of Print: Building a Digital Environment for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship

D’Arcy Norman and I co-presented at the Open Education Conference last year, and I recently had the opportunity to re-watch our talk thanks to the good folks at COSL that both recorded the sessions and put them up on Google … Continue reading

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Marshall McLuhan is a Tripper

Image thanks to characterzero99 “As technology advances, it reverses the characteristics of every situation again and again. The age of automation is going to be the age of “do it yourself.” Marshall McLuhan, from the Essential McLuhan.  Edited by Eric … Continue reading

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Reading Capital, Part 1

The D.I.Y. Lego Karl Marx (Image courtesy of Dunechaser) So while I am waiting for my very own copy of Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume 1 to arrive in the mail, I figured I ‘d get to work (in the spirit … Continue reading

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If I can build and install a pacemaker in this man’s chest…

I don’t know why I even attempted to find a musical anthem, it just ain’t my strength. So I am going to turn to something I am a little more familiar with: bad movies. [All sorts of expletives in the … Continue reading

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