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Reclaim Video’s The Weekly Watch 002

Getting back into that bava blog groove, and oh it feels so good! I blogged my weekly watch at Reclaim Video a few weeks ago, so this is more catch-up. Once I get settled a bit I’ll pick this up … Continue reading

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Animating my favorite stunt

This may be my favorite stunt in all film and it’s from the classic Australia post-apocalyptic nightmare Mad Max, and I can’t think of a better eternal loop for an animated GIF. This is a smaller GIF, only 320px wide … Continue reading

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Not enough car chases

I spent the day at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History: The Kenneth E Behring Center (the last bit of the name after the colon is new and is ostensibly the name of their biggest donor, reinforcing that the … Continue reading

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Mad Max: The Art of the Stunt

Mad Max is an amazing movie for many, many reasons (read a fun review here). And having seen the 2000 re-release at the Film Forum in NYC with Australian accents and slang restored, I can safely say that I have … Continue reading

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