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Torino Bestiale!

That inspired spire you see both above and below is Torino’s National Cinema Museum. Literally a cathedral devoted to film. And I caught it during a great exhibit, namely ….  An entire exhibit dedicated to beasts within film. And as … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Saturday in Melbourne

Writing a post to sum up my time in Melbourne would be far too daunting—even for such a formidable blogger as il bavalino. So, I am going to do two things: break up my posts and try and capture the … Continue reading

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Little Golden Books

My family and I, along with DTLT’s latest hire, went to D.C. today to spend a leisurely Sunday browsing museums and generally being harassed by our over-tired, under-restrained children. We had seen that the American History museum was doing an … Continue reading

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Not enough car chases

I spent the day at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History: The Kenneth E Behring Center (the last bit of the name after the colon is new and is ostensibly the name of their biggest donor, reinforcing that the … Continue reading

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Moving Image Source

A couple of months back I happened upon the American Museum of the Moving Image’s Moving Image Source, which is an online publication featuring articles about film, television, video games, actors, and more. The posts are written by critics and … Continue reading

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Marking Digital History at UMW

Jeff McClurken’s Adventure’s in Digital History seminar is (or is it “was” now?) a pretty amazing thing. The driving logic of the course was that four distinct projects, each dealing with a unique facet of local history, were be framed … Continue reading

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Cronenberg on Warhol

Another gem from my Ubuweb video feed. Just found this series of audio files that feature David Cronenberg curating an Andy Warhol exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto back in 2006. Here’s a nice quote from Cronenberg … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart, Iraq, and an Inexcusable Silence

Lee Rosenbaum’s article in today’s Wall Street Journal adds another layer to the post I wrote about Randolph College selling off its art collection (inspired by Rosenbaum’s original post here). According to the article, one of the major forces behind … Continue reading

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Randolph College selling the art farm

You may have already heard that the Board of Trustees of Randolph College (a small, private women’s liberal arts college in Lynchburg, Virginia) made the controversial decision to sell off parts of its celebrated art collection to stay financially viable. … Continue reading

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Intermittent presents of endurance and hope on Flickr

One of the things I love about my Flickr photostream are the intermittent gifts from my contacts. Fotoedge’s images regularly provide me with a beautifully textured and preserved Americana of the Mid-West. Whenever he uploads a new photo I am … Continue reading

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