Zombie Marvels, or is it Marvel’s Zombies?

Image of Marvel Zombies comic coverThis post over at Cartoon Brew features some fun fan art by YouTube user Whoiseyevan, who has re-cut the trailers for the 1960s super hero animated series of Captain America, Thor, and The Fantastic Four into Marvel Zombie versions. And if you didnt know already, Marvel Zombies was a five issue series that came out back in 2005 and 2006, and is just further evidence that zombies have been taking over just about every sector of our entertainment industry throughout this decade. And rumor has it that Disney bought Marvel because they knew it was high time to invest in zombies.  really do see zombies as some kind of weird, prescient metaphor that popular culture is using to warn us all of what’s to come, it’s like a strange self-reflective vision we refuse to come to terms with. It’s only on the YouTube where the truth is being taken seriously. Although, I must admit, this wikipedia article on Philosophical Zombies that Scott Leslie pointed me to kin da makes me want to get my Doctorate in this emerging field of study 🙂

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4 Responses to Zombie Marvels, or is it Marvel’s Zombies?

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  2. Steven Egan says:

    DC’s into the zombies too. In fact their making it a big part of a giant Green Lantern comic book event called Blackest Night. Enjoy!


  3. Reverend says:


    brilliant find, what a brilliant idea, bring back deceased superheroes as zombies, I love it. Yet another series to pickup.

  4. Good, yes. But don’t other comics cry out for this treatment? I nominate Archie and Veronica, for starters. Then Garfield.

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