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Migrating Ghost from Community Image to Docker Engine Installer on Reclaim Cloud

When sending out the April installment of Reclaim Roundup we ran into a glitch wherein the instance was faltering sending an email to all subscribers once that number topped 500. I assumed it was an issue with our third party … Continue reading

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Form of Awesome: Wonder Twins Conundrum

In this installment of “Form of Awesome” Wonder Twins are cornered by evil Crypto Bros in a dark alley. The Crypto Bros are trying to sell them NFTs and will not take no for an answer. Zan and Jayna need … Continue reading

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Helping to Save a Donkey Kong Junior

I’m on a bit of a bavacade blog roll to document some of the work done on a few cabinets, namely Condor, Bagman, and finally—for now—Donkey Kong Junior. Funny enough I thought Donkey Kong Junior was the least beat up … Continue reading

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Bagging the Bagman

Moving on from “Saving the Condor,” the next restoration project was for the 1982 arcade cabinet Bagman. This golden-age game was created by the French arcade company Valadon Automation, and licensed to Stern in the US and Taito in Japan. … Continue reading

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Save the Condor

Sometimes the blog post titles just write themselves…but on with the show. Over the past month or so I’ve been fixing up several cabinets in the bavacade that have cosmetic issues. I’ve been pushing hard on this because I want … Continue reading

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Form of an Awesome Superfriends Trivia Quiz

In preparation of Reclaim Edtech‘s first Flex Course on Gravity Forms next month, the great Tom Woodward has created a fun Superfriends Triva Quiz using, you guessed it, Gravity Forms 🙂 You can take the quiz by clicking the image … Continue reading

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Adding Ghost Config Variables in Reclaim Cloud

Tim Clarke is helping a faculty member get Ghost up and running on Reclaim Cloud, and has used Reclaim’s EdTech Discord channel to ask for clarification around Mailgun settings and environmental variables. Both of which I did not document fully … Continue reading

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An Explorer in “The Bishop of Battle”

I recently welcomed a new game into bavacade, namely Pleiades. The acquisition of which reminded me of a scene from a childhood favorite b-movie horror omnibus called Nightmares (1983). I just posted about this film and its relationship—at least in my … Continue reading

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From “The Bishop of Battle” to Repo Man: the Bus Journey of an 1980s Film Punk

I recently picked up Scream Factory’s 2015 blu-ray release of Nightmares (1983), a low-budget urban legends/horror omnibus in the vein of Creepshow (1982) and Cat’s Eye (1985)—the latter of which my brother loved. I’ve been watching and re-watching “The Bishop … Continue reading

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Gyruss Multigame Mod-Kit with Time Pilot and Pooyan

Trying to play a bit of catch-up on my bavacade given I have made some significant strides towards getting fully operational. One of the recent highlights was finally getting the Gyruss multigame mod-kit installed so that it can also allow … Continue reading

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