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A Guided Videodrome Review using ChatGPT

I’m in the midst of preparing for AI106, and I wanted to finally dig in a bit on ChatGPT using some of the advice proffered by Middlebury’s prompting poetry exercise “It’s Not Magic, It’s Math.” I wanted to start with … Continue reading

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AI106: Long Live the New Flesh

I’ve been hinting a bit about Oblivion University, and part of being coy was that it wasn’t entirely clear what form it would take. I knew after Michael Branson Smith‘s (MBS Productions) brilliant example of training AI Levine for his … Continue reading

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Civic TV: the One You Take to Bed with You

I did some shopping online last week and picked up some #umwconsole appropriate leisure wear. This stunning Civic TV t-shirt was made possible by the good folks at StrangeLoveTees. You may not get the reference, in fact I’d be surprised if … Continue reading

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The Simulacra

I’ve had a bit of extended travel time on planes and trains over the last couple of weeks. A situation that’s very conducive to leisure reading, at least for me. I’ve finished off a few books already during this European … Continue reading

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A 1982 roundtable discussion with John Landis, John Carpenter, and David Cronenberg

I follow the Cinephilia and Beyond Tumblr, and I am glad I do because it is filled with film gems like the one above. Yesterday I came across  this remarkable interview with three masters of 70s and 80s film, namely John Landis, John Carpenter, and David … Continue reading

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5 TV Hacking Films from the 80s

The other night I was re-watching John Carpenter’s prescient 1988 film They Live, it was as good as I remembered it was. But this time around something struck me besides the eery resonance with last year’s occupy movement, namely the … Continue reading

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I know, I know, I know, it is way too big. But I couldn’t resist, it is so beautiful!

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ds106: The Summer of Oblivion

Starting on June 20th there will be another round of ds106, this time an intensive, five week version that will run through July 21st. Currently we have 25 students registered for this course at UMW despite every attempt to scare … Continue reading

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The ds106 99: #38 Dr. Oblivion

As this semester’s iteration of ds106 ends—-yesterday marked my final meetings with all the UMW students—I’m pretty much done with grading and ready to reflect more intensely on the whole process. What struck after the final exam is how much … Continue reading

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Of Punks, Pimps and C.H.U.D.s: Gentrification in NYC as told by 1980s film

Disclaimer: This is a “media-enhanced” version of a paper I wrote in graduate school for an American Studies course back in 2002. And while I recognize it is both rough and theoretically meager at certain points, I’m still fascinated with … Continue reading

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