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The Return of Unwound

What was wound? Back in February I attended an Unwound show at the Wiltern in the inimitable Los Angeles. LA is a special city to me, given I spent some of my formative years living there and attending UCLA #4life. … Continue reading

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Building Oblivion University in the Aftermath

Well, I think it’s finally time to start blogging about the ds106 course that’s likely to run across at least three universities in the Spring of 2024. The course, in short, is going to focus on digital storytelling in the … Continue reading

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So I was talking with Tim a couple of weeks back, and I was bemoaning the difficulties of getting an arcade up and running in Italy. There are some major hurdles, not least of which is the original security certificate … Continue reading

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Containerizing Mastodon on Reclaim Cloud

Taylor and I did a stream yesterday wherein we (royal) set about taking one of my experimental Mastodon instances ( and moving it from a Debian VPS into a Docker container. We got the bug after a recent open source … Continue reading

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bavacade repair log 10-25-2023

Things are definitely coming along, this weekend I got the K4600 chassis for Challenger working, which is ostensibly my last big hurdle to perfection…but things might change before I rebuild Elevator Action. For example, the Stargate game started resetting again, … Continue reading

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Hitting an Open Source Update Trifecta

One of the things I have been working on recently is stitching together a bunch of open source tools for an online “Oblivion University,” if you will. I’ll write about that more in another post,  but I just wanted to … Continue reading

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Bava GTO

One of the most talked about sessions of Reclaim Open in June was Tom Woodward’s “Your website is a slow, bloated, carbon-belching monstrosity.” I know this because our session on Reclaim Cloud went up against it, and it did not … Continue reading

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Highs and Lows

Whew, where do I start? The last 6 weeks or so has been a bit of a roller coaster. For all the obvious reasons: Lauren departing, semester starting, bavacade polishing, life happening, staring into Oblivion,  etc. But I also had … Continue reading

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Elevator Action Project Update

I’m pretty excited about how the Elevator Action project is coming along (a harbor during the storm). I’ve only done one other stencil before this, my first real project Scramble, and I must say working with stencils on these machines … Continue reading

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Oblivion University!

I could say more, but who has the time—not to mention, who would listen?

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