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bava on the Edge

On the edge, I’ve been there And it’s just as crowded as back home. Dag Nasty, “La Peñita” Yesterday I did a little experimenting on the good old to test the notion of application delivery networks (ADNs). You probably … Continue reading

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The Perfect Gameroom

If you were a New York Yankees baseball fan in 1998, one of the highlights of an all-around amazing year is the unlikely feat of everyman David Wells pitching a perfect game one sunny May afternoon. The excitement was electric, … Continue reading

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bavacade repair log 11-12-2023

Well, I think the time has come where all 28 games here in the bavacade are working 100%. There are still some small things to do, but if everything goes as planned in the walk-through today I’ll have 28 games … Continue reading

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Future of What or, Abstractions of Self in an Online Oblivion

Just finished a vinylcast on #ds106radio of Unwound’s 1995 album Future of What while I came up with an idea for a possible talk at OER24 in Cork. I’m going regardless, and tomorrow is the deadline so I might be … Continue reading

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Macaulay Migrations, Random Litespeed Issues, and S3 Media Offloads – Oh My!

[Lessons learned: never do a victory lap on your blog before the migration is in the bag.] It’s been well over a month in the making, and in many ways it started my descent into the Mouth of Madness that … Continue reading

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The Return of Unwound

What was wound? Back in February I attended an Unwound show at the Wiltern in the inimitable Los Angeles. LA is a special city to me, given I spent some of my formative years living there and attending UCLA #4life. … Continue reading

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Building Oblivion University in the Aftermath

Well, I think it’s finally time to start blogging about the ds106 course that’s likely to run across at least three universities in the Spring of 2024. The course, in short, is going to focus on digital storytelling in the … Continue reading

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So I was talking with Tim a couple of weeks back, and I was bemoaning the difficulties of getting an arcade up and running in Italy. There are some major hurdles, not least of which is the original security certificate … Continue reading

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Containerizing Mastodon on Reclaim Cloud

Taylor and I did a stream yesterday wherein we (royal) set about taking one of my experimental Mastodon instances ( and moving it from a Debian VPS into a Docker container. We got the bug after a recent open source … Continue reading

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bavacade repair log 10-25-2023

Things are definitely coming along, this weekend I got the K4600 chassis for Challenger working, which is ostensibly my last big hurdle to perfection…but things might change before I rebuild Elevator Action. For example, the Stargate game started resetting again, … Continue reading

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