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A Return to Kustom Kulture

I finally got around to picking up the latest issue of Filmfax, and I just happened to open up to Michael Stein’s “Confessions of a Rat Fink!”—an interview with Ed “Big Daddy” Roth who was an icon of the Kustom … Continue reading

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Your friendly internet Spider-man

From Jerry at Cartoon Brew: is posting the entire series of the 1967 ABC Spider-man Saturday morning cartoon show, one episode per week (each Thursday) on their site. It’s amazing that talents like John Dunn and Herman Cohen worked … Continue reading

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Without Cigarettes There Would Be No Baseball Cards

Well, I’m not actually sure this blog title is entirely true, and that’s why I can freely publish it here. I found this 1887 baseball card on Shorpy’s Photo blog. It features the likeness of Chicago White Stockings first baseman … Continue reading

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Propaganda Techniques

Educational film to teach viewers about the dynamics of propaganda…A teacher dissects the processes in which propaganda works to an eager student. In it are moments of classic hokum, but curiously it all rings true today. Link.

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Civil War Land

I witnessed a U.S. Civil War re-enactment on my street today. It was a rather involved affair that replayed the Union’s defeat in the first Battle of Fredericksburg, but specifically I saw the slaughter of the Union’s Irish Brigade in … Continue reading

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Long Viva Knievel!

This post on WFMU’s Beware of the Blog praised the iconic daredevil well before his death and far better than most ever could. The post contains an unbelievable assortment of links and resources about Knievel. And while I can’t say … Continue reading

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