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Spider-Man 1967, Episode 26: ”Diamond Dust”

”Diamond Dust”: Museum robbers disguised as gorillas create a diversion by unlocking a zoo cage and stealing valuable items while the wild animals occupy the security. Spider-Man discovers the devious plan and corrals the freed animals in time to get … Continue reading

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Spider-man 1967, Episode 14

‘The Golden Rhino”: The Rhino is back and he’s stolen two truckloads of gold to make a shining statue of himself. Now, Spider-Man must find a way to stop the unstoppable Rhino! ”Blueprint For Crime”: When Spider-Man foils a heist … Continue reading

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Spider-man 1967, Episode 11

“The Night of the Villains”: Spider-Man fails to stop Blackbeard from stealing a treasure chest and Jesse James from robbing a bank. After tackling a Paris Executioner, Spider-Man finds the villains are all wax robots created by Parafino. “Here Comes … Continue reading

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That’s so gay!

I was watching a collection of 1970s cartoons recently with the maniacs, and when we got to a 1977 episode of Batman and Robin titled “The Pest.” I was pretty struck by the homoerotic undertones overtones.  Now, my time as … Continue reading

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Was Wonder Woman a librarian?

This may be one of the worst cartoons ever made, but it does a few interesting things: 1) it suggests that Wonder Woman was a librarian—is there any other precedent for this?, 2) it captures just how conflicted Wonder Woman … Continue reading

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Spider-man 1967, Episode 4

Yet another Spider-man, and this episode is a 2-for-1 with two shorter episodes featuring the Vulture and Spencer Smythe. The real joy of these episodes are the villians, in fact it is through their names that my son remembers each … Continue reading

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Your friendly internet Spider-man

From Jerry at Cartoon Brew: Marvel.com is posting the entire series of the 1967 ABC Spider-man Saturday morning cartoon show, one episode per week (each Thursday) on their site. It’s amazing that talents like John Dunn and Herman Cohen worked … Continue reading

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