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Preparing to Install Mastodon on Reclaim Cloud

The following video tutorial takes you through the process of preparing to install Mastodon on a virtual private server (VPS) in Reclaim Cloud. I’ve installed a few servers now, and based on that experience it makes sense to break things … Continue reading

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There’s a ds106 Social Going On in Mastodon!

Rhyming post titles will cost you extra! 🙂 @ReclaimHosting Y'all don't happen to help clients start up Mastodon servers, do you? — Derek Bruff (@derekbruff) November 6, 2022 I got sucked down an elephant-sized rabbit hole the last couple of … Continue reading

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Talking WordPress Multiregion Hosting on Reclaim Today

Last week Lauren Hanks, Chris Blankenship, and I recorded a session for Reclaim Today, “Oh What Brave New Worlds of WordPress Multiregion Hosting!” wherein we discuss the process of getting Reclaim Hosting’s main site running in in a WordPress mutliregion … Continue reading

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November’s Ghost

This month at Reclaim Edtech Pilot, Taylor and I will be running a flex course focused on getting up and running with the open source publishing tool Ghost. It will take place every Wednesday over the next three weeks at … Continue reading

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Flattening the DNS Curve with Cloudflare

I feel like I could write a book about just last week at Reclaim Hosting, so many awesome things happening and the work we’re doing to build a sense of team internally and community more generally is really starting to … Continue reading

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Multiregion: a Year-Long Odyssey

Since our all-team meeting in November of last year I have been chasing the White Whale of WordPress multiregion hosting on Reclaim Cloud. I’ve been experimenting with it on and off since January. You can find the tale of the … Continue reading

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Chatting DoOO, Open Source, and More with Ed Beck

Early last week Ed Beck asked if I would be willing to talk with him (and by extension his class) about some advantages (and limits) of open source applications in education. I think Ed has been following my recent championing … Continue reading

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Copying Files between Environments in Reclaim Cloud

I’ll be submitting this guide to Reclaim Hosting’s support documentation to illustrate how to move files between environments using the Reclaim Cloud GUI. I discovered this trick while migrating a Ghost instance in Reclaim Cloud from one environment to another … Continue reading

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Learning from Reclaim Cloud’s Ghost Installer

As I already mentioned in my last post, I spent some time this week moving my bavaGhost install over to a new environment in Reclaim Cloud to take advantage of Taylor Jadin’s snazzy new Ghost one-click installer. Taylor and I … Continue reading

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Ghosting WordPress

It’s been quiet on the bava for a bit after an awesome mountain getaway to Val di Rabbi in early August, followed by some digging-in on work and entertaining guests over the last week or so. What’s more, the blog … Continue reading

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