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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me – “Welcome to Canada”

My blogging screeched to a halt while I was in Vancouver, British Columbia having a blast with edtech friends near and far, and my broke ass even imposed on the unbelievably gracious and warm Casa Lamb/McPhee. Worth pointing out is … Continue reading

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“Eight year olds, Dude”

What can I say about The Big Lebowski that hasn’t already been said? Now that I think about it I could probably find something, but it would seem to rob this masterpiece of its magic. Just about every scene could … Continue reading

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King of New York—Room Service & Leave No Witnesses

For some reason I got to thinking about Abel Ferrara’s best film King of New York (1990) this afternoon. The film beautifully frames the dirty streets of NYC, and has Laurence Fishburne playing one of the most truly menacing and … Continue reading

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Raiders of the Lost Ark—Opening sequence

When talking about the opening to Sergio Leone’s Once Upon the Time in the West, I was reminded of the opening sequence that in many ways sealed my nearly thirty year love affair with film: the opening of Raiders of … Continue reading

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The Breakfast Club—Bender in Closet scene

The late John Hughes will have no shortage of tributes, and there is a real sense amongst many of my generation that he helped define as much as chronicle what it meant to be a white, suburban middle-class teen in … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time in the West – Opening Scene

The opening scene from Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) may very well be the greatest opening scene of any film ever. And I mean ever, I can’t even think of anything remotely close, save maybe … Continue reading

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Scene from Jaws: the USS Indianapolis

Think for a second about soliloquies in film, and then find me one that surpasses Quint’s narration of the shark infested horror of the USS Indianapolis from Jaws, you’ll be hard pressed. Jaws is a work of art of the … Continue reading

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Paris, Texas

Part 1: Part 2: While I am not a huge Wim Wenders fan, there are a number of scenes I could pick from Paris, Texas (1984), which I believe to be his one and only masterpiece. I could listen to … Continue reading

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