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Jaws Diorama

I was just searching the term “digital diorama” which Vint Cerf used during his Decentralized Web Summit talk, which I really enjoyed. So, a quick search led me far afield as usual, and I came across this unbelievably gorgeous diorama thefigurecollector.com … Continue reading

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You yell ‘Barracuda’

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NB8m0CI4Kfg[/youtube] I watched Jaws the other night as I’m wont to do before I go on a vacation to a North Eastern beach town where Great Whites abound. And this time around I have to say Mayor Larry Vaughn was my … Continue reading

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The Formative Five: Movie Scenes that Changed My Life

Annie Belle submitted an assignment suggesting you talk about 3-5 movie scenes that changed your life. That is right up my alley and I couldn’t resist. In fact, about four years ago I started a formative 10 film series on … Continue reading

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Just when you thought it was safe to eat yams

OK, with this I finally feel like I did a Yams Meme assignment, and I must say it was fun. Though to be fair, Giulia’s Silence of the Yams totally rules. I was thinking about options, and it occurred to me … Continue reading

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Jaws Mashup

Derek Whitaker, an internaut in Martha Burtis’s first Summer session ds106, did a memorable sound mashup using the film Jaws in this post here. And given it’s Shark Week—one of the most infuriating, sensationalized, and riveting weeks of U.S. television—-I … Continue reading

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Scene from Jaws: the USS Indianapolis

Think for a second about soliloquies in film, and then find me one that surpasses Quint’s narration of the shark infested horror of the USS Indianapolis from Jaws, you’ll be hard pressed. Jaws is a work of art of the … Continue reading

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