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The Other Multiregion in My Life: Pioneer DVL-909

When I think about it I’m very much a multiregion kinda guy. I hail from humble NTSC Long Island roots (region 1) but find myself in the Italian Alps living a very PAL (region 2) existence. I mean even this … Continue reading

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DVD: It’s a movie on a disc the size of a CD

At last year’s OER19 conference the great Laura Ritchie brought me a suitcase full of VHS tapes. Within this there were the first five episodes of The Sopranos on tape that when lockdown started a couple of weeks ago I … Continue reading

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The Pirates of Oz

I just put on a DVD for my kids, a Warner Brothers film we paid cold, hard cash for, yet are still forced to sit through a barrage of commercials and previews that range from insipid to insulting. On the … Continue reading

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Mario Bava’s “Danger: Diabolik”

After an unbounded discussion with Bryan Alexander a week ago over dinner in Washington DC, I was reminded of one of Mario Bava’s most acclaimed movies I had yet to see: Danger: Diabolik. And after finally watching it last night, … Continue reading

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ffmpegX makes DVDs easy

Sometimes I do a bad impression of the New Media guy on DTLT TV. I’m not very convincing, but that’s just because I use a MAC. Speaking of which, I think it’s high time I started doing a little documentation … Continue reading

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