Discussing a Syndicated Lab Notebook

At this year’s EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional conference UMW Biology professor Steve Gallik and I presented together on his Online Laboratory Manual project. I blogged this project last Fall, and it has exceeded just about every expectation we had set out for it —which were pretty high to start with. In short, Lablogs was the perfect marriage between a technically savvy professor who had programmed his own online laboratory suite in Flash and an instructional technology group that believes in the loose syndication structure that provides simple ways for delivering online content. On this occasion using the venerable UMW Blogs as a RSS-rich publishing platform that provided students with their own laboratory notebook (or lablog) with little or no overhead.

I’d go into greater detail, but you may be better served hearing Steve and I talking about the project on the latest episode of EDUCAUSE Now. Also, take a look at the screencast which details the logic and inner-workings of the Online Laboratory Notebook. In the end, It was a lot of fun to present with Steve on the cutting-edge work he is doing.

A special thanks to Gerry Bayne of EDUCAUSE Now for being such a gracious host and facilitator during the production of this podcast.

EDUCAUSE Now – Show #5 – P2P Update & Data-Rich Blogging

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