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Domains 17 Spinning Closer

We have all of our sessions in for the Domains 17 conference, and we’ll be meeting next week to get a preview of the sessions online, as well as more details about Martha Burtis’s keynote. It’s time to starting getting folks … Continue reading

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It Came from the Domains Stacks!

Bryan Mathers is experimenting with animating his art—which is lucky for us—and he has taken the “Domains Death Star Eye in the Sky” poster he created for Domains 17 and gave it life: But he even got crazier than that in the … Continue reading

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Domains as Art

I just got another delivery of Domains 2017 art. Damn this conference has the coolest aesthetic ever. Bryan Mathers rules, and he has taken the Sci-fi 70s idea I recently blogged about and is running with it. The examples below are … Continue reading

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Domains 2017 will be Intergalactic

One of the joys of being on the East Coast of the U.S. right now is waking up to gems like the above video from Bryan Mathers. I already blogged about Bryan’s poster for the Domains 2017 conference, so seeing … Continue reading

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Domains 2017: The Poster

The Buffana has swept away the festivities here in Italy, so I guess it’s time to shake off the holiday sleep and get back in the swing of things on the bava. I’m heading back to America for the next … Continue reading

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Reclaiming with No Regrets

Yesterday was like Christmas at Reclaim Hosting, we got a bunch of new art for the Reclaim Hosting aesthetic (it’s all about the aesthetic!) from the brilliant Bryan Mathers. We’ve been working together pretty regularly over the last 8 months … Continue reading

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A Re-Possessed Aesthetic

As I wrote about previously, Bryan Mathers has been working on some designs for a couple of elements of the Reclaim Hosting site. In particular, a visual for the Migrations page as well as one for the various shared hosting packages we … Continue reading

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Jack-O’-Lanterns in StereoGIF

It was my oldest son’s birthday weekend, and we had a good one. Bowling party, Minecraft mods, 8-bit jack-o’-lanterns, and much more. With him turning 10 comes the closing of the first decade of my own blogging. I didn’t start the … Continue reading

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Puny Wallet! Hulk Smash!

I got a new wallet this weekend, and everytime I use it out to pay for something I get a compliment. That’s been foreign reality to me for a long while. And I enjoyed it so much I figured I would throw a couple … Continue reading

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Domains in (Stop) Motion

On Friday Martha Burtis made an amazing bit of stop-motion animation for the Domain of One’s Own project. It was designed for the EagleVision digital signage we have up around campus as a way to promote the project—explaining the absence … Continue reading

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