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Some Sounds from my Past: Ordering Food on Long Island

When I was a senior in high school I worked for a Pizzeria in Freeport, Long Island called Raimo’s. They had awesome food—in fact, they still do because a quick search suggests they’re still going strong—and it got so busy … Continue reading

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Avarizia: a joke about greed, apples, and Italians

I always liked the “Make ’em Laugh” audio assignment which charges you with telling a joke in a language other than your native tongue. But rather than telling a joke in another language, I actually recorded Antonella telling a joke in … Continue reading

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Oblvion Camp: A Course To Dismember!

This ds106 radio show may very well be your last! The 1:00 minute bumper promoting the ds106radio show that will decisively end the #ds107 insurrection, once and for all!! Ds106-oblivion-camp-bumper by jimgroom The :30 second bumper that will put an … Continue reading

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Audio Assignment #1: The Encounter

The encounter by jimgroom This is the 90 second sound effects story I made for the sound effects audio assignment for ds106. I followed Shayna Moreland’s and Ben Rimes’s lead and riffed on a Summer time theme, mine being a … Continue reading

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The ds106 99: #46 The Thing in 7 minutes

Image credit: D’Arcy Norman’s brilliant Minimalist Travel Poster Back in January Lisa M. Lane came up with an awesome assignment for ds106radio which was basically to turn a movie into good radio. What this entails is taking key parts of … Continue reading

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