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TerrorVision Animated

One of the craziest and most memorable films of the 80s is the ultra-camp, TV alien invasion film TerrorVision (1986). I kind of think of it as the b-film alter ego of Videodrome. I wrote about TerrorVision back in 2008 when … Continue reading

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Flash Gordon – “The Football Fight”

Flash Gordon (1980) is one of those films that I constantly come back to, between the inspired costumes, the great Max von Sydow as Ming the Merciless, and Doctor Zarkoff’s memory erasure which is visualized as a minute-long flashback that … Continue reading

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That’s so gay!

I was watching a collection of 1970s cartoons recently with the maniacs, and when we got to a 1977 episode of Batman and Robin titled “The Pest.” I was pretty struck by the homoerotic undertones overtones.  Now, my time as … Continue reading

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BlackBoard is such an open stud

This is classic, and it’s so bad it’s almost good, which is what scares me about it.  But the misinformation campaign being run here about openness is dangerous, and the portrayal of  Bb NG as “a hip stud” who gets … Continue reading

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TerrorVision (1986)

I have a longer post, a kind of “opus” tracing the impact of the VCR on b-movies during the 80s. I’ll save the details for later, but while doing my extensive research I came across a gem from the past: … Continue reading

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