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ds106radio Upgrade

Last week Taylor let me tag along while he upgraded ds106radio’s woefully outdated version of Azuracast. Taylor and I did some prep work behind the scenes earlier in the week, and then streamed the upgrade process live which resulted in … Continue reading

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Grant’s 50th on ds106radio

Chahira and I continue to slay with all things karaoke, and Grant Potter’s 50th birthday celebration on ds106radio gave us just the excuse we needed to point our… Continue reading

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Talking Open Source Media Ecosystems on #ds106radio

Taylor Jadin and I chatted for about an hour on Friday about some of the work we did earlier in the week upgrading Azuracast to the latest version for the mighty ds106radio. Spoiler alert: the upgrade did not work, but … Continue reading

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Blog Islands in the Stream

I’m not gonna lie, I have been spending the greater part of the last few days honing my karaoke game. Turns out I can spend endless hours on the web broadcasting to a radio/tv empire with no listeners or viewers … Continue reading

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Domains21: Hope on the Airwaves – the #ds106radio Sunday Special

More OERxDomains21 goodness, and this time with an extra shot of ds106radio awesome. To quote a blog post titled “Hope on the Airwaves:#ds106radio Sunday Special” by Maren Deepwell from more than a year ago at the height of the pandemic: … Continue reading

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Uninstalling USB Audio Codec Demo

Or it might also be found more easily under the title “uninstalling usb-driver.com demo driver,” but either way I hope someone else who has this issue avoids wasting as much time as I did on it. 25 minutes of me … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up My #ds106radio Game

Spinning some tunes and testing some shortcut keys on #ds106radio to nail down my workflow, I mean its only been like 10 years doing this…https://t.co/DQNyRE6sLp Also, getting the tubes warmed up for a chock full Sunday of specials — Jim … Continue reading

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DSLR Mount for Vinylcam

Have a new overhead camera setup for #vinylcasting on #ds106radio which will allow me to stream easily to #ds106radio and #ds106tv -will be testing that out for a bit. Tine in here https://t.co/2JURcwd59M or here https://t.co/GzpExUBnn6 for the vertical and … Continue reading

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Azuracast: One-click Web Radio in the Reclaim Cloud

Yesterday was a win because I finally focused for long enough to work through creating a one-click installer for the open source web radio application Azuracast. I’ve had a couple of conversations with folks around web radio this week, and … Continue reading

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#ds106radio: tweetbots, listeners, and playlists

Grant Potter’s new Reclaim Hosting design, soon to be a shirt 🙂The last two weeks has been dedicated to getting ds106radio moved over to Reclaim Cloud. I wrote about the migration in some detail already, so this post will be … Continue reading

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