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The Indie EdTech Movement

I’m just returning from a deeply energizing trip to California. I spent the bulk of my time in Los Angeles, but also spent two days at Stanford University for the dLRN conference. This post was inspired by the presentation I did with Adam Croom at dLRN. … Continue reading

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The Un-education of a Technologist: From EDUPUNK to ds106

Below are the slides and a transcript of the text I planned to follow when I delivered my talk this morning at the EDEN Annual Conference in Barcelona. That said, I didn’t keep to the script because I get too excited … Continue reading

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“From EDUPUNK to ds106” Interview

I had a lot of fun doing this interview for Steve Wheeler in anticipation of my presentation at the EDEN Online Conference in Barcelona in June. This will be my first time presenting in Europe, and I am toying with the … Continue reading

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From Punk to Policy

For over a year now I’ve been part of the Digital Learning Resource working group (along with 15 other representatives from a range of public colleges and universities) run by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. I’ve already written … Continue reading

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EDUPUNK on Brazil’s MTV

EDUPUNK on Brazil’s MTV from Jim Groom on Vimeo. Link to entire video on Brazil’s MTV site here A couple of months ago Ronaldo Lemos contacted me for a brief interview for Brazil’s MTV. We talked about introducing new ideas … Continue reading

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Isaac Asimov on education in the future

erchache2000 shared the link to the above video of Isaac Asimov talking with Bill Moyers in “The World of Ideas” back in 1988. His fascinating discussion of the idea of computer mediated instruction being anything but dehumanizing. I love Asimov’s … Continue reading

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Alejandro Piscitelli – The Facebook Project

I really dig Alejandro Piscitelli. And his project with Facebook, and the passion in which he frames the experiment makes it clear that popular learning can happen within the strangest places, and the very idea of students learning from and … Continue reading

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“It’s every bastard for himself, the last century hasn’t ended yet”

everything is a commercial. we advertise our memories we leave our shit on silver platters and THEN we buy whatever’s left (empty life? ? fine?) These days I can’t help but turn on Unwound’s magnum opus Leaves Turn Inside You … Continue reading

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EDUPUNK or, on becoming a useful idiot

I can only imagine that the greatest supporters of this idea [EDUPUNK] are those conservatives who wish to tear down public education. Now they have useful idiots carrying their water. http://thetyee.ca/Life/2010/03/20/EduPunks I’ve always been an idiot, but I never thought … Continue reading

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Where was this 2 years ago when I needed it?

Via FFFFFound Care of the always trackback worthy Tom Woodward. (I love that guy!)

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