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“The Internet is the most basic form of the punk rock revolution”

I highly recommend this interview from back in 2008 that Ian Svenonius conducts with Calvin Johnson of K Records, Beat Happening, Halo Benders, and Dub Narcotic Sound System and more. The discussion starts with Johnson talking about how the work … Continue reading

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The Coming Sandstorm.io

I was hoping for a transportation metaphor, as per my last post, but when given lemons, invoke the Sand People! A couple of days ago Tim Owens tweeted about a new platform he was exploring called Sandstorm. Who wants to … Continue reading

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How Automobiles, Super Highways, and Containerization helped me understand the future of the Web

What follows is a scripted draft of the presentation I gave Friday, January 9th at the OU TechExpo at the University of Oklahoma. Also, below is the abstract I was working off, as you can probably tell the two are often very … Continue reading

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Indie Web Domains

Tomorrow Tim Owens and I will be talking with a group of faculty at Davidson College about their Davidson Domains initiative. Over dinner we were talking about how we could provide a broader context for the work we are doing … Continue reading

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Bought by Some Chinese Concern

As I was preparing today’s Connected Courses discussion about the intersecting ideas that link Connected Learning and the Indie Web I came across Ignatia De Waard’s post about Stephen Downes’s presentation on Personal Learning he gave at Online Educa Berlin … Continue reading

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Becoming Well Known

It was cool to see Ben Werdmuller’s and Erin Jo Richey‘s Indieweb application Known featured in this recent Wired article. They’ve been red hot lately, with an appearance last week on an episode of “This Week in Google” dedicated to the IndieWeb. The attention is justified, … Continue reading

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Visions of Known

A year and a half ago now, I caught up with Audrey Watters and Kin Lane at the Reclaim Open Hackathon at MIT. I’m still working off the fumes of that weekend, and to be fair a few subsequent meetings … Continue reading

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