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Cotton Mather, Marvel Supervillian?

Doing some last minute prep for class this evening I stumbled across an interesting fact about the iconic early American minister Cotton Mather. Not only was he arguably one of the most important figures in shaping the regrettable Puritan legacy … Continue reading

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Nothing like subliminal messages…

From what I understand, this is Canada’s latest smoking campaign. Nice to see our neighbors to the North have finally caught on. Re-blogged from Coeruleus‘s post here.

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Second Life is more interesting…

Another deep thought brought to you by the spammers of bavatuesdays: Flower Apr 30th, 2007 at 12:54 am Edit This is a good article…..But I think joining the secondlife is more interesting….You could make youself more beautiful in secondlife than … Continue reading

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Newt in the news

UMW’s commencement speaker this year is Newt Gingrich. And while I have my own misgivings about such a selection, I also recognize that a) education is premised upon access to a broad horizon of differing viewpoints, ideologies, and perspectives, and … Continue reading

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Student Academy 2007, Hallelujah!

Some amazing stuff at UMW’s Student Academy 2007 this year. Ranging from presentations on Sylvia Plath to the real world economy of World of Warcraft! You can see the presentation schedule and detailed abstracts here. I can’t say enough how … Continue reading

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“Just Say No!” A few more reasons for universities to foster independent mediated voices

I have been following some recent threads about the RIAA’s attempts to bully campuses into forcing students to comply with copyright laws. On boingboing, this article summarizes the University of Nebraska’s frustration with the RIAA’s demands to rat out students … Continue reading

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Structures of Feeling

Stephen Downes, in the quote below, crystallizes the reasons why the field of instructional technology needs to be a lot more than a conversation about a range of tools. Presumably philosophy does have an inherent interest in something other than … Continue reading

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I love John Locke

Well, the other John Locke. He’s a great spirit, a Shaman. I just had to get that off my chest. During a recent conference in Vancouver many contracted the dreaded Moose Fever, whereas I picked up the arguably more contagious … Continue reading

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StumbleUpon, the video

Mikhail Gershovich forwarded me a great video via del.icio.us, I immediately realized he found the cartoon through Stumble Upon’s relatively new video referral feature (it was released in early December 2006 was discussed on Tech Crunch here). I have been … Continue reading

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Contemporary Etymologies: A Closer look at the Linguistic Derivation of the Internet Pipes

Given all the attention surrounding Yahoo Pipes, I took it upon myself to do a little research into the contemporary etymology of this idiomatic terminology for the internets. Now, regardless of whether you understand the internet as a series of … Continue reading

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