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The Technologies of Cruelty

The following passage from Chapter III of The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano has stuck with me for well over a decade since I first read this work. And while the veracity of the first three chapters … Continue reading

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Out of Print: Building a Digital Environment for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship

D’Arcy Norman and I co-presented at the Open Education Conference last year, and I recently had the opportunity to re-watch our talk thanks to the good folks at COSL that both recorded the sessions and put them up on Google … Continue reading

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Open Ed Intro: Basic human rights?

On a weekly basis I will be posting my thoughts and reflections about the Introduction to Open Education course I am taking online with an international contingent of folks. David Wiley has been kind enough to extend the offer to … Continue reading

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Mary Rowlandson meets Commentpress

I have set up a WordPress Multi-User test of CommentPress, a theme brought to you by the fine folks at The Future of the Book (in particular Bob Stein, Jessie Wilbur, and Eddie Tejada). This theme is absolutely sick (a … Continue reading

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Pirates in our midsts

Title Page of The Vial Poured Out Upon the Sea, from Daniel E. Williams’s Pillars of Salt: An Anthology of Early American Criminal Narratives. The topics of pirates and piracy has been on my mind a lot as of late. … Continue reading

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If category clouds could talk…

…they might say something like this: This is a current snapshot of the ever changing category cloud for the Early American Crime Narratives class I have been teaching and experimenting with this Summer session. Read about the conception of this … Continue reading

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Cotton Mather, Marvel Supervillian?

Doing some last minute prep for class this evening I stumbled across an interesting fact about the iconic early American minister Cotton Mather. Not only was he arguably one of the most important figures in shaping the regrettable Puritan legacy … Continue reading

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