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“I Confess” and “Torn Curtain”

Antonella and I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s  I Confess (1953) the other night, and I was a bit disappointed. That’s rarely the case with a Hitchcock film, but I couldn’t help feeling the story was stilted and Montgomery Clift couldn’t get into anything … Continue reading

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Hitchcock Motifs

UMW Art History professor JeanAnn Dabb is teaching a Freshman Seminar on Alfred Hitchcock. Few subjects in this world are more compelling than Hitchcock’s films, and it’s hard to think of a better excuse to run a course blog. So, that’s … Continue reading

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bavafridaymornings: Kill, Baby….Kill!

The great Paul Bond and I did another installment of the bavatuesdays film festival, which means we are on a three week roll after a long hiatus. I’m hoping we can move off Google Hangouts for this coming Thursday’s episode … Continue reading

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