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Elevator Action Multikit Installation

Yesterday was a good day for the bavacade, I got the Elevator Action Multi-Kit from High Score Saves up and running. This kit not only saves up to 10 high scores, and enables free play that allows attract sounds, but … Continue reading

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Phoenix High Score Save Kit and then some…Redemption!

A replacement CPU for the one I cracked on the Phoenix game board arrived on Monday. I was thrilled to take another “crack” at getting the high score save kit  working on Phoenix so I could have both free play … Continue reading

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Exidy 440 Dev Kit on Cheyenne

On Saturday I spent much of the afternoon installing the Exidy 440 Dev Kit that adds another 9 games to an existing game board, so basically all the Exidy shooting gallery games can be played on my Cheyenne cabinet, such … Continue reading

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The Phoenix High Score Save Kit Versus the NEC 8085 Chip

“Sometime you eat the b’ar, and wal (well), sometimes he eats you.” –The Stranger in The Big Lebowski It was that kind of weekend. I was finally decompressing from travel and birthdays and trying to get back into a rhythm. … Continue reading

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Phoenix Freeplay and Scramble High Score Save Kit

This week I mustered up the courage to try replacing chips on game boards and soldering sockets. This was fairly new territory for me, but I’ve been watching Tim work (as well as many Youtube videos) and taking notes, so … Continue reading

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