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Living a Good Life in Reclaim Cloud

These are in many ways the notes for a case study for when and why to use Reclaim Cloud, and given that space is going to be a big focus this year I do love having good examples. So, Alyssa … Continue reading

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Sebastian Koller-Watters

Let’s recruit… @Autumm @suebecks @Bali_Maha @Jessifer @cogdog #ds106 @ReclaimHosting @jimgroom and more to help create @audreywatters memes!! #edtechAudreyQuotes GO — Whitney Kilgore (@whitneykilgore) September 15, 2018 Seems to me finding an Audrey Watters quote in a ed- tech focused presentation … Continue reading

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My Friend Max

Back in Fall I got a PS3 at home, we also go a HD television which replaced by 27″ tube after more than 15 years of hard work. On principle I hate how home theaters have eroded cinema culture, but … Continue reading

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Innovation Lost

Yet from those flames No light, but rather darkness visible. I’ve been writing a bit about early internet and web history based on the Internet Course I am embroiled in currently. Some of the early deomgraphics of the web are … Continue reading

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Too Massive to Fail

The Steve Kolowich’s most recent article for the Chronicle of Higher Educationhe speaks with Georgia Tech’s president, G.P. (Bud) Peterson, about their Masters program in Computer Science that delivers a $6600 degree. To quote Ryan Brazell, “it reads like an Onion article.” I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Designed to undermine

When I was in Cambridge, Massachusetts last weekend—which oddly (or not so oddly) seems like a lifetime ago—I spent some time talking to Audrey Watters about our somewhat similar visceral reactions to grad school. What I really like about Audrey’s … Continue reading

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All Moocs and No Play

I couldn’t help but post this GIF, it is the single best commentary on MOOCs I have seen yet! Michael Branson Smith is a GIF master!

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DTLT Today: “Hey MOOCie!”

Today’s DTLT Today episode explored the recent explosion of Massive Open Online Courses (a.k.a. MOOCs). 2011 is quickly becoming the Year of the MOOC qs more and more universities like the University of Illinois, Georgia Tech, and Stanford are experimenting … Continue reading

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