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Nonce Journal

The Nonce Journal is the handy work of five UMW students -Alissa Bourbonnnais, Alex Cardia, Kanise Carter, Liz Gerber, and Rebecca Parson- from Claudia Emerson’s The Literary Journal class. The project for the entire class was to spend the first … Continue reading

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I dwell in possibility

I dwell in Possibility– A fairer House than Prose– More numerous of Windows– Superior–for Doors– Of Chambers as the Cedars– Impregnable of Eye– And for an Everlasting Roof The Gambrels of the Sky– Of Visitors–the fairest– For Occupation–This– The spreading … Continue reading

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Unpublished Sylvia Plath poem brought to you by an undergraduate blog at UMW?!

Ok, I’m gonna take a different tact from the RIAA’s methods of dealing with college students, rather then threatening suit and certain incrimination -I will celebrate the unbelievably cool work that has been going on here at UMW. Amanda Rutstein … Continue reading

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