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Rod Serling on time travel

I just got through watching a sixteen part “YouTube series” featuring clips of Rod Serling teaching a course at Ithaca College during the late 60s or early 70s. Gardner mentioned this to me during my first week at UMW more … Continue reading

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Looking for classic Christmas television? Kliph Nesteroff’s Classic Showbiz Television blog may be the best online filters for television on the web. He seems to tirelessly comb social video sites for archival classics that suggest an insane—almost encyclopedic knowledge—of the … Continue reading

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Frank Sobotka on EDUPUNK

To quote the inimitable Luke Waltzer, Frank “It ain’t about me!” Sobotka is “one of the great characters in TV history.” I have to wholeheartedly agree, the stevedore who “knew he was wrong, but believed for the right reasons,” was … Continue reading

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