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bavaweekly 1-11-2022

Well, I did get my first weekly video update for 2022 done, and I’m sharing it now with the understanding that the full “show notes” with a more fully fleshed-out post will follow tomorrow morning. In this week’s bavaweekly I … Continue reading

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bavaweekly 12-29-2021 -the Show Notes

I took yesterday off for a nice walk in the mountains with visiting friends, which was a real treat. 2021 offered a few glimpses of life after the pandemic with various visitors from across the Atlantic which made life happier … Continue reading

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bavaweekly 12-29-2021 -the Video Version!

Well this was a blast, the following video is a culmination of some streaming experimentation I’ve been doing since Christmas Eve. Winter break has become a time to return to some fun stuff I neglected throughout the year, and learning … Continue reading

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bavaweekly: 12-21-2021

At this point, three weeks in, I’m finding these weekly reflection posts essential. It’s literally 30 minutes of reflecting and capturing the weeks work, another 30 uploading and organizing images, and then writing the post, which has been sketched out … Continue reading

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bavaweekly 12-14-2021

I decided to move these weekly updates to Tuesday so I’m not feeling compelled to write on Sunday, so that’s my first tweak of this weekly experiment. Also, kinda fitting to move to Tuesdays given the site is titled bavatuesdays. … Continue reading

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bavaweekly: 12-6-2021

Well, as mentioned yesterday, I’m going to be trying to capture various things that happened from week-to-week in these, hopefully, quick weekly summaries. The reason is it takes me some time to right a blog post, and hopefully these weekly … Continue reading

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bava weekly

Just as D’Arcy Norman pauses his weekly reflections I’m contemplating starting mine. While browsing D’Arcy’s site a while ago I really dug his quick, snapshot summries of what he was up to the previous week. He’s been doing these weekly … Continue reading

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