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Vinylcast #39: Man or Astro-Man?’s Experiment Zero

The idea was simple enough, broadcast a record over ds106radio and ds106tv. I mean I have been around this block before, but nothing comes easy when you are… Continue reading

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Vinylcast #38: Fontaines D.C.’s Dogrel

There as not one, but two vinylcasts of Fontaines D.C.’s awesome debut album Dogrel. Primarily because this was my first full blown attempt at x-casting to both #ds106radio… Continue reading

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DSLR Mount for Vinylcam

Have a new overhead camera setup for #vinylcasting on #ds106radio which will allow me to stream easily to #ds106radio and #ds106tv -will be testing that out for a bit. Tine in here or here for the vertical and … Continue reading

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Playing with the AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable

During lockdown Tim sent me a care package from the US with some goodies for my various streaming projects. Such as trying to get my Commodore 128 and/or RetroPie to stream through OBS cleanly. Lockdown was lifted in Italy in … Continue reading

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Live from Jacksonville

If you are thinking about a fairly cheap “TV” studio for your edtech team (or similar group) there are some real good nuggets here. @rushaw brought his A-game — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) September 2, 2020 For the 19th episode … Continue reading

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TommasoTV: Pong Hits

Tommy and I re-united for our second episode of TommasoTV. I’m always looking for an excuse to stream these days, and Tommy is always ready to share what he’s been developing, so we make a good pair. This episode covers … Continue reading

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KaraOERoke ALT Summer Summit Post-Mortem

Back by popular demand, #karaOERoke for the #altcSummit Tune in to at 8PM BST tonight to catch your favorite edtechs crooning and looning. Details for joining room are on the social program, and we hope to see you there! … Continue reading

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Excuse Me, but your Webcam is Effecting the Tracking on my VCR

Well, I’ll be spending much of this weekend and the coming week trying to keep up with the blog. I’ve found myself back in a pretty fun groove with ds106radio and ds106tv, and I think I finally dialed in my … Continue reading

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KaraOERke Summer Summit 2020

As an update, turns out Zoom will work better than Jitsi in this instance, and I explain why in this follow-up post here. I spent a bit of time this afternoon getting my rig setup for the KaraOERke event that … Continue reading

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Mega Shark meets the USS Indianapolis

Tommaso and I are going live in 5 with his first video game dev log for his nascent shark video game developed in Unity #ds106tv — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) July 10, 2020 Just like Captain Caveman and Jabberjaw, … Continue reading

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