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Steal from Work

I recently listened to Jason Scott‘s “Now and Then, Here and There” talk for the Eleventh Hope (Hackers on Planet Earth) Conference. Jason is a free-range archivist working at the Internet Archive. His work with browser-based software emulation over the last few years … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs Stats by City from 2010-2016

In yesterday’s post about the last six years of stats on UMW Blogs, I suggested that, based on the aggregate number of users, sessions, and pageviews, UMW Domains has not cut significantly into the usage of UMW Blogs: So, there goes the theory … Continue reading

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Six Years of Stats on UMW Blogs

Today is the first time in ten years I will not be beginning a semester at UMW —and that number is 20 years if you count CUNY and UCLA. I’ve spent a long, long time in higher ed, and I’ve always been a fan … Continue reading

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Scaling UMW Blogs in the Cloud

UMW Blogs is in it’s eighth year, which is like 56 years old in web time. And like all us aging technologies, middle age can be a bitch when it comes to performance. But thanks to Tim Owens and the magic of load … Continue reading

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Set UMW Blogs to Phase Diagram

I was looking at the traffic on UMW Blogs on this beautiful Fall morning during my day off—I can’t help myself. Looks like last Sunday we had a traffic anomaly of epic proportions. On average we get 8 to 10 thousand … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs in Cloud City

Almost two weeks ago Ryan Brazell and Tim Owens moved both the core files and the databases of UMW Blogs onto Amazon Web Services (AWS). What does that mean exactly? It means UMW Blogs is now in a virtualized server environment that can dynamically … Continue reading

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UMW Domains vs UMW Blogs

There’s a somewhat manufactured rivalry in the DTLT bullpen between the old gold blogging platform UMW Blogs and the young upstart UMW Domains. Ryan and I stand on the side of tried and true tradition, while Tim and Martha are into the … Continue reading

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Installing WordPress Multisite and Using FeedWordPress

Yesterday I sat down with UBC Philosophy faculty and ds106 rockstar Christina Hendricks to record a walk-through of how to install and manage WordPress Multisite using the script-installer Installatron. Additionally, we covered the following: How to manage your multisite account, with a … Continue reading

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Hitchcock Motifs

UMW Art History professor JeanAnn Dabb is teaching a Freshman Seminar on Alfred Hitchcock. Few subjects in this world are more compelling than Hitchcock’s films, and it’s hard to think of a better excuse to run a course blog. So, that’s … Continue reading

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Analyzing Chinese Film GIFs

The students in Sue Fernsebner‘s Chinese History through Film course have been hard at work creating GIFs as part of their film analyses. There are a bunch of excellent GIFs that try and capture a particularly significant moment within the … Continue reading

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