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Using Rsync to transfer files between servers

We’ve been getting a lot of migration requests from folks who want to moving their existing accounts over to Reclaim Hosting. We offer to migrate over anyone’s hosting account for free, which means you get to see the inner workings of … Continue reading

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A Long Short History of Reclaim Hosting

New blog post: Domains Now Available Campus Wide at — Adam Croom (@acroom) August 21, 2015 Earlier today Adam Croom shared that OU Create (the University of Oklahoma’s Domain initiative) would be open and freely available to the entire … Continue reading

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Single Most Important Development in Edtech in Last 2 Years…

….has nothing to do with “innovation.” Scott Leslie was prompting a bit of discussion on Twitter yesterday: edtechies, prove me wrong – what is your single most exciting/important development in the field in last 2 years? FedWiki, ReclaimHosting… — Scott … Continue reading

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Discourse(s) on Docker

One of the things Tim built a while ago is a server running multiple instances of the forum software Discourse using Docker. He did this because we’re getting more and more interest at Reclaim Hosting for this forum software. As usual, Tim … Continue reading

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#umwconsole Now with 2 Channels!

I spent most of the spring writing about UMW’s Living Room Console exhibit, a re-creation of a 1985 living room in a tucked away corner of the brand spanking new Information and Technology Convergence Center at UMW.  I spent the … Continue reading

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Domains and the Cost of Innovation

Domain names – part of the answer to the digital skills gap? – inspired by @audreywatters — Jim Knight (@jimpknight) July 17, 2015 Audrey Watters brilliant article “The Web We Need to Give Students” delineates a host of excellent reasons for … Continue reading

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Thinking about how we work at Reclaim

The Transformation has Begun! The last two weeks I’ve been spending just about all my time balancing two jobs. My day job at UMW—which is now slowing fading into the horizon—and my amorphous role at Reclaim Hosting as support specialist, … Continue reading

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Don’t get on the bava blacklist

In my last post I mentioned I was doing some sysadmin work for UMW Domains and UMW Blogs, as well as Reclaim Hosting—although Tim gives me only so much room to hang myself when it comes to Reclaim 🙂 One of the main … Continue reading

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Independent Teaching Networks

In the wake of my announcement that I’ll be going full time with Reclaim Hosting, more than a few folks wondered whether I’ll be teaching in the future. This came as both a surprise and honor. I build my teaching around the … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Movie Trailers and the Long Game of #ds106

This past week we had the unique opportunity of having an incoming Freshman, Anna Rinko, present to a room full of UMW faculty about the psychology of movie trailers. She was the kickoff speaker for the two-day Digital Media Workshop Andy … Continue reading

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