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Freaks and Geeks: Discos and Dragons

I happened to stumble across Freaks and Geeks for the first time in more than eight years the other night, and I immediately was reminded of how sad I was this series got cut after one season. Such a cool … Continue reading

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Day 17: Grenadier’s AD&D Lead Figurines

The AD&D lead figurines were probably were probably my favorite elements of Dungeons & Dragons along with the handbooks. I loved the cover art of these boxes, particularly the two pictured above: “Denizens of the Swamp” and “Dwellers Below.” I’ve … Continue reading

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A Monstrous Education

On a recent post about Clash of the Titans, Andy Best made a comment I’ve been coming back to over and over again since. The comment was the following: And by the way, Jim, keep on plugging D&D, that game … Continue reading

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