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The Simulacra

I’ve had a bit of extended travel time on planes and trains over the last couple of weeks. A situation that’s very conducive to leisure reading, at least for me. I’ve finished off a few books already during this European … Continue reading

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A 1982 roundtable discussion with John Landis, John Carpenter, and David Cronenberg

I follow the Cinephilia and Beyond Tumblr, and I am glad I do because it is filled with film gems like the one above. Yesterday I came across  this remarkable interview with three masters of 70s and 80s film, namely John Landis, John Carpenter, and David … Continue reading

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The Dead Zone Trading Cards: The Hockey Game Vision

Just finished up my Animated Movie Trading Cards tutorial, and I figured I’d share my most recent creation that was made alongside documenting the tutorial. It’s inspired by the mad genius of David Cronenberg’s early films. This is one of … Continue reading

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The ds106 99: #38 Dr. Oblivion

As this semester’s iteration of ds106 ends—-yesterday marked my final meetings with all the UMW students—I’m pretty much done with grading and ready to reflect more intensely on the whole process. What struck after the final exam is how much … Continue reading

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The Dead Zone: “Pretty good, huh?”

I could watch this opening scene from The Dead Zone (1983) again and again, a picture of a teacher reading to his students the best of Poe, and then punctuating it with a “pretty good, huh?” as well as a … Continue reading

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A Monstrous Education

On a recent post about Clash of the Titans, Andy Best made a comment I’ve been coming back to over and over again since. The comment was the following: And by the way, Jim, keep on plugging D&D, that game … Continue reading

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Cronenberg on Warhol

Another gem from my Ubuweb video feed. Just found this series of audio files that feature David Cronenberg curating an Andy Warhol exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto back in 2006. Here’s a nice quote from Cronenberg … Continue reading

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Cronenberg, Telekinesis, Telepathy, and the Internet

Reflecting on movies I have seen is one of my favorite things in the world to do, probably only second to actually watching them. A recent post about David Cronenberg’s film The Brood (1979) got me thinking about some of … Continue reading

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The Brood (1979)

When I was at UCLA in the mid-90s I saw a double-feature at Melnitz Theater (the Film School’s theater) that really freaked me out. The theme of the double-feature was “Maternal Nightmares,” and the films were Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby … Continue reading

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This post started out as a comment on my favorite blog these days, The Tattered Coat. Matt, the proprietor of said blog, has one of the most intelligent, entertaining, and interactive blogs going. After a long hiatus to finish his … Continue reading

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