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A 1982 roundtable discussion with John Landis, John Carpenter, and David Cronenberg

I follow the Cinephilia and Beyond Tumblr, and I am glad I do because it is filled with film gems like the one above. Yesterday I came across  this remarkable interview with three masters of 70s and 80s film, namely John Landis, John Carpenter, and David … Continue reading

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Assault on Precinct 13 Trading Cards: The Ice Cream Truck

Here is another addition to the “Movie Trading Cards—now with more animation!” assignment. Sorry for the dark subject matter of this one, but John Carpenter’s vision of urban gangs and thug life in Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) was even … Continue reading

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John Carpenter’s The Thing Action Figures

I’m increasingly loving Tumblr these days, especially when a gem comes my way like the video above featuring a promo for action figures based on John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982). Seeing these I immediately thought, “Were there ever Escape From … Continue reading

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What do Escape from New York, John Carpenter, and ds106 have in common?

This made my day—hell, it made my year. Andrew Forgrave asked the great John Carpenter to dedicate an Escape from New York poster to me (with some #ds106 love no less). Amazing, what an awesome confluence of culture: Carpenter, Snake Plisken, ds106, and movie … Continue reading

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John Carpenter’s The Thing Minimalist Poster

I love the minimalist poster assignment over at ds106, and going through the process again allows me to do something with The Thing which I had promised last semester, but never delivered on. I ended up doing The Birds instead, … Continue reading

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The Crazies Come Out at Night

Every time I head into Manhattan—whether via train, tunnel, or glider—I can’t help but think that I am entering the the Manhattan Island penitentiary imagined so famously in John Carpenter’s masterpiece Escape from New York (1981). And as soon as … Continue reading

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Formative 10: Escape from New York

Well, I guess I gotta get going on my formative 10 because what has taken me almost eight months, has taken D’Arcy Norman all of three days. I find it interesting how much a formative 10 can tell you about … Continue reading

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Formative 10: The Thing (1982)

Back to the lost formative ten. John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) has consistently been in my top three movies of all time since I first saw it. A masterpiece on many levels, and in fact there are two Carpenter films … Continue reading

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A Four-Pack of Carpenter

Update:  There’s a great article on this very retrospective by Benjamin Strong on the Moving Image Source titled “Morning in America.” He positions this retrospective as genre readings of the Reagan 80s, yes, that’s it! As if you need any … Continue reading

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A Monstrous Education

On a recent post about Clash of the Titans, Andy Best made a comment I’ve been coming back to over and over again since. The comment was the following: And by the way, Jim, keep on plugging D&D, that game … Continue reading

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