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An inventory of preliminary effects

Wow, I sat down for a good two hours this afternoon while the chilluns were asleep and made my way through the first part of Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage, and I have to say that just about … Continue reading

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BlackBoard is such an open stud

This is classic, and it’s so bad it’s almost good, which is what scares me about it.  But the misinformation campaign being run here about openness is dangerous, and the portrayal of  Bb NG as “a hip stud” who gets … Continue reading

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More on The Glass Bees

I figured it was high time to finish my reading of Ernst Jünger’s The Glass Bees (which was cut short in the original attempt here by a tangent that has receded considerably, dare I say thankfully) so that I can … Continue reading

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The Glass Bees

With my no-internet, hippie-like vacation to Montauk behind me now, I can return to the bava and continue the excruciating futility that is my life online. I enjoyed the time away because I was able to do something I hadn’t … Continue reading

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