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Was Wonder Woman a librarian?

This may be one of the worst cartoons ever made, but it does a few interesting things: 1) it suggests that Wonder Woman was a librarian—is there any other precedent for this?, 2) it captures just how conflicted Wonder Woman … Continue reading

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Spider-man 1967, Episode 6

Here’s the sixth installation of Marvel’s weekly releases of the 1967 Spider-man. It’s remarkable that it took six weeks to get to the Green Goblin, you would think he would be top billing. But I’m not complaining for he was … Continue reading

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Spider-man 1967, Epsiode 3

Yet another episode of the 1967 Spider-man series, this week’s villain is none other than Mysterio. In fact, he has the best quote of the series yet, “Don’t ya know, you can’t keep a good menace down.” Enjoy!

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Spider-man 1967 Episode 2

The kids and I have already watched it at least five times. This one is special to me because it features my favorite Spider-man villains: Lizard (albeit a bastardized telling) and Electro. Not to be missed!

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Cigarettes and Chop Suey

Over at WFMU’s Beware of the Blog, Kliph Nesteroff linked to a cartoon he found at Cartoon Brew (a new gem in the reader) titled “In the Nicotine” from 1961 which is about a man who is checked into a … Continue reading

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What I learned from UMW Blogs today….

I have been trying to catch up on my reading of UMW Blogs, but it is getting hard with a torrent of posts averaging about a hundred a day.  The campus-wide use and resulting community on UMW Blogs is really … Continue reading

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