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International Horror Comes to Culpeper: Four Flies on Gray Velvet and Thriller

On October 25th the Library of Congress, Packard Campus will be showing Dario Argento’s 1972 film Four Flies on Gray Velvet. The following description of this trippy film is taken from Wikipedia: Roberto Tobias (Brandon) is a drummer in a … Continue reading

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A New Hope in 35MM

A week ago I went to the Library of Congress, Packard Campus in Culpepper to see Star Wars in 35MM. It was as good as I had hoped. With a remarkably clean print of the 1997 re-mastering, there was no mistaking the … Continue reading

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Thinking about the Library of Congress Movie MOOC

I recently watched These Amazing Shadows (2012) based on Andy Rush’s recommendation and it got me extremely intrigued with the criteria for getting a film on the National Film Registry, what exactly does “artistically, culturally, and socially significant” mean? Seems like these … Continue reading

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Reason number 12,250 why blogging rules

I’m a pretty regular blogger, since December 2005 I have blogged on average 285 posts a year, every year for almost seven years. It’s not all good, it’s not all pretty (especially grammar wise 🙂 ), and it’s not all … Continue reading

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Endings and Possibilities: Life after ds106?

Tonight marks the last time I teach ds106 officially at UMW for a while. I’ve taught it six times in two and half years, and it’s become more awesome than my wildest dreams. At the same time, it’s time to … Continue reading

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